Managed IT Services


Benefits of CyberMerce’s Managed IT Services

Challenges & Solutions to Managed IT Services

What are the signs that tell your business is ready for CyberMerce's Managed IT services?


  • Taking a proactive and strategic approach to your technology roadmap to prepare the business for the future
  • You’re ready to move to the cloud to save costs and improve efficiency.
  • You have old equipment or aging systems that need to be upgraded.
  • You’ve experienced security breaches and the inability to deal with them.
  • Want to focus on what you do best and let others take care of the IT needs.

What makes us unique is that we won’t steer you in a certain direction that we think is best for you but to only present you with all the options and it’s up to you to decide what is best for your organization. Maybe you are not a candidate for CyberMerc’s managed IT services yet but at least you have the roadmap of with all the options to make a decision on when you feel ready. Schedule a FREE consultation Now!


Why CyberMerce? Because it’s all about service, security, and cost. The average cost of just one in-house Website Support Specialist is about $50,000 for both salary and benefits. That comes out to be around $25 per hour if we calculate based on a 40 hour work week, 50 weeks per year.


With CyberMerce, you can slash this budget in half (a savings of 50%) and get a team of IT specialists (not just one) that is available to you 24/7 days a week, 365 days a year. But cost-cutting IS NOT what CyberMerce is only about. We are also about our ability to deliver better service, quality, and security for your IT support.


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Benefits of CyberMerce’s Managed IT Services


Immediate benefits can be gained by outsourcing IT services through Managed Services.


1. Control IT Costs. One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing is cost reduction. Outsourcing, if done it right, converts fixed IT costs into variable costs and allows you to budget effectively. In other words, only pay for what you use when you need it.


2. Reduce Labor Costs. Finding the right IT staff and keeping him or her can be very expensive. Hiring temporary staff and training them takes time and effort. Outsourcing is the solution, if done right, because it allows you to focus on what you do best and let the experts do what they do best a much lower cost. In many cases, the cost of hiring just one IT staff from 8 to 5 could afford you to hire a whole team for 24/7/365.


3. Compliance and Security. Keeping the network up and running is NOT enough! But that’s often all your small IT team or one man can do. There is a whole list of problems that your business maybe already in but you don’t know that until it’s too late. When you are working with CyberMerce, it’s part of our job.


4. Reduce Risks. The two biggest risks are security and compliance. In reality of legality, you can better hold your vendor responsible for these risks than your own employee(s). Therefore, deciding how to avoid risks is now not your job but your vendor’s job.


5. Trained, Experienced, Qualified, Certified. In most small and medium companies, hiring the IT expert(s) is the job of the HR person. Unfortunately, most of the HR managers are not IT trained and if thus may lead to mishiring. That awesome resume maybe just the work of an expert in resume writing and verifying all the skill sets is not an easy task.


6. Increase Efficiency and Competitiveness. In-house hiring and training of IT staff take time and time is not on your side when it comes to IT problems. In addition, you can put two vendors to compete for a job but you can’t do that with your own employees.


7. Quickly Implement New Technology. With new technology such as AI (artificial intelligence) and Blockchain, it’s very difficult to hire and train your own employees to help you get started with the new project(s) right away. Outsourcing will give you the option to dictate your own timeline while saving you money and headaches.


8. Stay Focused on Your Core Business. Outsourcing allows you to focus on what you are good at and leave the complex IT decisions and problems to someone else.


9. Level the Playing Field. Most small businesses can’t afford to have all the tools and technologies that larger companies have. Outsourcing can help a small business match up with a big one by having access to similar technologies and tools provided by the vendor (economies of scale).


10. Choices or Options. Life is all about making good choices and you can’t make a good choice when you have no choice. No choice is too often the choice for many small businesses when it comes to IT solutions. By working with CyberMerce, the first thing we do is to look at your IT needs and problems and then provide you a roadmap of choices.


Challenges & Solutions to Managed IT Services


1. Security. Security is the number one concern to most organizations when it comes to handing over their IT services to an outsider to manage. This concern is a very valid concern. However, by deploying innovative cloud data centre resources and security control, it's much more secure than any typical private and local data center. In addition, data backup and disaster recovery is automated.


2. Managing the Data. What you have privately and locally seem to be secured and easy to manage vs. what you have far away (cloud). In reality, it's the other way. Give CyberMerce the opportunity to show you how.


3. Staffing and Workloads. Another major concern is staffing and workloads since cloud technology has different requirements of skill set than traditional network infrastructures. How do I find the right IT expert to handle the new and always-changing demands of cloud? The answer to this tough question is with CyberMerce and we will either train your staff if needed to manage your own network or we can manage it for you.


4. Communication. This is another big concern. However, with the advance of communication technology and the availability of methodologies such as mobile, video, screen sharing, video capturing and synchronous data sharing and backup; thus allowing us to centralize and manage all the communications and reduce miscommunication and disparities.


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