Remote Desktop & Device Support


We may be a thousand miles away but with the advancement of Remote Desktop Connection, we can do almost everything just as we could if we were physically at your office. However, if you still need someone to be there on site we also have you covered. When you hire us, you hire a whole team of experts that is available 24/7 days a week, 365 days a year. The saving cost is enormous and the benefits are unmatched. We provide the following, but are not limited to, in Remote Desktop Support:


  • System Performance and Health Monitoring
  • Continuous System Maintenance
  • Disk and Storage Management
  • Application Management
  • Management of Updates, Service Packs, Patches & Hotfixes
  • Recovery Management
  • Hardware Maintenance
  • Anti-Virus Management
  • Manage Functional levels of business applications
  • Operating Systems Installation and Repair
  • Printer Accessibility Management
  • Remote Access Management
  • User Profile Management

Per Business New’s Daily’s website, “With remote desktop IT services, small businesses can take advantage of the latest cloud technologies and get the benefits of a full-service IT department, which may be more productive and cost-efficient than hiring their own IT team.”


Why CyberMerce? Because it’s all about service, security, and saving costs. The average cost of just one in-house Remote Desktop Support is about $50,000 for both salary and benefits. That comes out to be around $25 per hour if we calculate based on a 40 hours work week, 50 weeks per year.


With CyberMerce, you can slash this budget in half and get a team of IT specialists (not just one) that will be available to you 24/7 days a week, 365 days a year. But cost-cutting IS NOT what CyberMerce is only about. We are also about our ability to deliver better service, quality, and security for your IT support.


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